Our desire to serve you is fueled by innovations in products and services—such as engineering and building fan coil systems to replace old, existing systems. Regardless of your equipment’s manufacturer, you can count on Inner Cool Systems to provide replacement coils that will improve efficiency, reduce energy usage and get your system up and running fast.

  • Modular Intermediate Fan Coil Unit

    The Intermediate Fain Coil System has many features that our Elite system has but does not have a flood prevention system. The option however can be integrated at a later date. Our fan coil systems can be designed to fit any building requirements.  Please call us to discuss further. Close cell foam insulation throughout cabinet…

  • Modular Elite Fan Coil Unit

    The Elite Fain Coil Unit is our top of the line coil system.  This unit can be installed into any existing fan coil cabinet and comes with our flood prevention system. Our fan coil systems can be designed to fit any building requirements.  Please call to discuss further. Close cell foam insulation throughout cabinet Thermostat…

About Our Fan Coils

Inner Cool Systems are quick, easy and inexpensive in comparison to existing systems with hard wire components. All Inner Cool Systems electrical components (motors, actuators, thermostats) are designed with a quick release electrical plug so that each can be removed without having to disturb the entire system. For example, in the unlikely event that the motor is defective, our technician simply unplugs and plugs in the replacement without having to take down the entire system. Regular scheduled maintenance is made easier with the Inner Cool Systems unit, it can be removed, cleaned and installed quickly. This will reduce building or suite owner’s annual maintenance cost significantly and will minimize inconvenience to the suite resident.

Inner Cool Systems offers both vertical and horizontal fan coil systems. These can be customized to meet the unique needs of a particular installation. Inner Cool Systems takes pride in providing custom engineered solutions in weeks rather than months. With an optional built in alarm to warn the resident of water overflow, the system will automatically turn itself off, thereby ensuring that there is no flood damage to the suite and the suites below. In many instances building managers will have the opportunity to negotiate lower insurance premiums based on the Inner Cool Systems alarm system provided over existing equipment.

Inner Cool Systems fan coil system bodies are T304 stainless steel to minimize risk of corrosion, and using K-Flex closed cell antimicrobial insulation to reduce microbial growth.

The motors used in the Inner Cool Systems are highly reliable and energy efficient using approximately 80% of the energy of existing systems. When these are annualized across many suites in the building , the savings are substantial. Furthermore these motors are cutting edge technology and are factory programmed to ensure optimal performance for the installation being performed. Blower/motor units are specially designed and programmed to provide the quietest operation in the industry ensuring the comfort of the suite occupants.

Remediation is done by a third party certified company with trained technicians using state of the art equipment, containment barriers, protective clothing and disposal processes. The Inner Cool System is designed to easily facilitate the mould remediation process.

We just don’t build Fan Coil systems, we build lasting partnerships!