Modular Elite Fan Coil Unit

The Elite Fain Coil Unit is our top of the line coil system.  This unit can be installed into any existing fan coil cabinet and comes with our flood prevention system.

Our fan coil systems can be designed to fit any building requirements.  Please call to discuss further.

  • Close cell foam insulation throughout cabinet
  • Thermostat
  • Honeywell suite pro T36575 24 volt wiring harness
  • Actuator and Valve:  Honeywell actuator & valve or Erie actuator & valve
  • Pipe sensor aquastat
  • Modular fan coil
  • Water sensor float with alarm warning system
  • T304 stainless steel cabinet
  • Stainless steel water lines
  • Rubatex close cell foam insulation for pipes
  • Blower
  • ECM motor:  Variable speed constant torque, ECM brushless DC motor, 115V, AC single-phase unit, 50/60HZ, 1/3 HP
  • PVC Plastic drain pipe
  • 24 volt operating system
Year Parts and Labour Warranty


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  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Push Through or Pull Through Air System
  • 14" or 18" widths available
  • CFM (14"): 350 | 450 | 600 | 800
  • CFM (18"): 350 | 450 | 600 | 800 | 1000

Upgradable to intermediate model ECM motor

Variable speed constant torque, ECM brushless DC motor, 115V, AC singl-phase unit, 50/60HZ 1/3 HP

Factory Warranty

Inner-Cool Systems Inc., warrants its fan coil units for one (3) years against factory defects and parts failure, and a 10-year warranty against mould on the closed cell foam insulation, provided an authorized technician performs a bi-annual maintenance on the system.

Validity of the warranty solely depends on the installation and maintenance in accordance with the manufacture’s instructions. Improper installation, abuse, improper maintenance, or vandalism is not covered under the manufacture’s warranty.

To keep the manufacturers warranty, the service must be completed by an authorized technician, unless otherwise agreed to by Inner-Cool Systems Inc.

Indoor Air Maintenance & Service Warranty

Above the factory warranty of three-years parts and labour, Indoor Air Maintenance & Service, warrants the fan coil for another two (2) years, extending the warranty to five (5) years parts and labour for an extra cost of $99.00 + HST, provided Indoor Air Maintenance & Service performs the proper scheduled maintenance with our authorized technicians. If any other company/technicians perform maintenance and/or service on the fan coils, the entire warranty is invalid unless otherwise agreed to in writing, by Indoor Air Maintenance & Service.

Semi-Annual Required Maintenance

Pricing for the annual maintenance is $99.00 + HST.

  • Remove fan coil door and remove inspection door
  • Remove and dispose of old filter
  • Supply and install new disposable filter
  • Vacuum condensate pan (drain pan)
  • Pour water down the drain pan checking for blockages and twists in the plastic drain line
  • Vacuum fan coil
  • Vacuum blower
  • Check and test amp draw
  • Check and test operating system
  • Check thermostat, fan, and flood warning systems
  • Complete fan coil reports
  • Replace inspection door and fan coil door

Semi-annual fan coil checkups are not only good to keep the system running efficiently, it also keeps your indoor air healthy!